Supplying of the vessels in Kaliningrad. Shipchandling service

The Kaliningrad company AO “Torgmortrans” provides the wide service of shipchandling efficience at the ports of Kaliningrad, Svetlyi, Baltyisk and Pionerskiy. We operate in Kaliningrad since the 1946 year.

In our assortment you can find the wide offer of the dry, fresh, frozen products, as well of the tobacco and cabin stores. The cost of an order depends on  your desire and you can calculate it according to our catalogue and make your final order. Either you can obtain our price where the terms and conditions are indicated then forward it on our E-mail address

Supplying of the vessels – is important task, that's why you are requested to forward your order as son as possible In that case we can guarantee to prepare everything and documents, collect the goods and delivered it on board.

AO “Torgmortrans Kaliningrad” offers a complex supplying the vessel with the provisions and cabin stores, which are necessary for a normal operating of a vessel. For the years of our activity we have created the dedicated team, which is ready to solve all the hard matters.


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